Syeda Abida Hussain, a towering personality of a renowned political family of Pakistan, has served as a cabinet minister and as an Ambassador to the USA. Her distinction has been her straightforwardness, honesty, dedication and commitment to national causes. She is known for not compromising on principles. Her personality has hit the leads because of her ability and unwavering attitude towards pluralism and democracy. As a consistent democrat she believes in co- existence of all stakeholders of the State.

She endorses a civil-military partnership to ensure stability for the state of Pakistan alongwith transparences and efficiency in governance, and is a staunch supporter of the political process.

Her views about extremism are well known and respected. She has advocated tolerance and accommodation of each other’s points of view in order to achieve unity in diversity and strength through endorsement of pluralism.

Syeda Abida Hussain is firm believer of hard work. She earns her living through active engagement in agriculture, sponsorship of quality education and other business ventures. Her philanthropic activities and effort for the empowerment of women has also been a beacon of light for others. Very few politicians and yet fewer political families have excelled in the recent national scene like “Bibi Sahiba of Jhang”. Jhang is known because of her and her struggle for democracy and betterment of the people.

She is founder of Syed Abid Hussain Memorial Hospital for Women & Children at Jhang and also founder of the Syed Abid Hussain Foundation School at Jhang. She is the only political personality to have become a serious and well known philanthropist.